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Day 34 - Love Celebrates Godliness

Day 34 - Love Celebrates Godliness

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  • I'm not sure Shelly has demonstrated much Christian Character recently as she has "moved" out, taken our children to "his" apartment where they sleep in the living room, lied on Facebook, and more. I have been able to avoid dwelling on these and have covered them in my love for her and to remain faithful to God in the face of adversity with help from friends, family, prayer, the bible, and pastors. I haven't had a break down since the day I received the support paperwork, and have rejoiced in this trial to be a testimony that with God's strength, I won't break and revert back to sin. Even with these, I continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to work in her, I believe in her, and  choose to love her unconditionally anyway.

    Recently I received an award at work where we can pick our reward. I chose to get a Sears Gift Certificate and am giving it to her today (this was done prior to her filing for support), but will give it to her anyway. I guess I could commend her on bringing our children home and allowing me to have them during my days off and being able to take them to church with me. I continue to invite her, but she declines. On our way to church this morning, I told her we loved her and were praying for her, and she thanked me for that.

    I did thank her for letting me see our children when I'm off and letting me take them to church with me so I can raise them to know God loves them and to return His love and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. I told her it makes me realize how great our family could be if we were together all the time. I then immediately prayed for Shelly, for our children, and for myself and that God's plan will work out according to His schedule.

  • I see lots of blessings on this post, but first I went to mention the dare -

    I know what you mean about not "seeing" any type of demonstration of Christian character. I think there was maybe one round where out of the four I've completed this dare so far that it was obvious what I could use...the others I really had to pray for my eyes to be open to what He wanted me to use and every time He gave it to me. It is a wonderful thing, so with that said - whenever you are unsure...just pray about it throughout the day.

    Now on to the blessings -

    *Strength to avoid dwelling on the negative

    *Award at work

    *Feelings of giving her the gift card despite the situation

    *Having kids on your days off and being able to them to church

    *Shelly being okay with you taking you to church

    *No venom, but a "thank you" when you let her know you were praying for her [believe me when I say that is a blessing! my husband yelled colorful words to me when asked if I was praying for him and I told him I was]

    *Prayers at church

    Loving all of this!

  • Thanks Jenn. Shelly came to get the kids @ 9:45 to get the kids and take them to his house. I told her she could stay here and I would leave early before work, but she declined. I told her I wasn't ok w her taking them away at nearly 10 pm and driving almost an hour as they are young and should be asleep. She didn't come in and said she felt uneasy from a previous confrontation where I told her is wasn't okay to involve our kids in what she's doing. I took them out and told her I loved her. I prayed with the kids before Shelly arrived. I knelt doen in prayer right after they left for their safety, well being, and for God to continue to work his will on all of our lives. No tears this time...yet. I'm trying to stay strong even though I miss all of them dearly. God is so great and is more than sufficient for me...

  • Seek comfort through Him and He will fill those voids you are seeking to be filled.

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