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Day 34: Generosity

Day 34: Generosity

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  • My husband was very generous last Friday by accommodating my sister and nephew and giving them rides to the city.   They are here visiting and needed a ride.  He adjusted his schedule to do this and later came back to pick them up and was stuck in traffic.  He didn't complain and I know it was something extra he had to do.  Unfortunately I wasn't too helpful because I was irritated with him being late and not being able to meet us when he said he would.  Overall it worked out fine but I now realize i could have been so much more patient and appreciative.

    I did not thank him that day for doing this and the next day was kind of a mess but I finally text him yesterday THANK YOU for doing that.

    Tonight he cooked steak because he knew my nephews loves steak.  I will verbally thank him for that.

  • In the moments when you realize these things pray upon them... this shows that selfishness is still running in your flesh to the point that at the moments things should be noticed they are not.

  • OK I'm going to make a bigger effort to STOP and PRAY before opening my mouth.  Will not say anything until my thoughts are more clear and positive.  

  • be quick to listen and slow to speak!

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