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Round 2 - Day 74

Round 2 - Day 74

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  • I was hoping that I was going to see my husband before I left for Cleveland so we could pray and read the Bible before we both left for out of town. It is my spring break so I decided to come up to Cleveland to visit with my family for a couple of days. My husband was not home when I got home from school unfortunately, but I wanted to still complete my dare. As I walked around the house I noticed that he had done some laundry, he got all of the TV and cable stuff set up, and also hung up his deer heads. I decided that I wanted to leave him a note before I left and maybe do a little something for him. He is also going out of town for a hunting convention. I have always put his toiletries together to him when we would go out of town, so I decided to put all his together for him. I made sure that he had everything that he would need for the weekend and put his toiletries with the luggage on his bed with a note. In the note I told him that I was sorry that I missed him. I explained that I was hoping that we would be able to pray and read the Bible before I left. I told him that I was proud of him for keeping in the word and prayer daily. I also wanted to acknowledge the stuff that he did around the house, so I thanked for doing the laundry and getting the cable set up. I also told him that I thought the deer heads looked very nice. Lastly, I said that I hoped he had a safe and fun trip up to Columbus for his convention.

    This should be a nice four days up on Cleveland to spend some time with my family and focus on my journey

  • This is a great opportunity for you to focus on Christ without your husband around. Take advantage of that!

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