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Re: Day 74 - Love Celebrates Godliness

Day 74 - Love Celebrates Godliness

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  • This dare fell on Labor Day.  My husband and I were going to take our daughter to spend the day with friends at their house on the lake.  My dad was still in the hospital, so I spent a couple of hours with him in the morning.  It was just the two of us, so we had some good conversation time. 

    After coming home from the hospital, I made a pasta dish to take to the cook out, and we all got ready to go.  While making the dish, my husband came in the kitchen to talk for a few minutes.  Earlier in the weekend, he had helped his sister out with her car.  I took this opportunity to commend him on helping her.  She really appreciated it, and it was a very kind and thoughtful thing that he did.

    We had a lovely afternoon at our friend’s house.  We swam in the lake a lot, grilled lunch, and went out in their boat.  My husband was very attentive to his friend… they’ve known each other for a very long time.  Her brother was very attentive to everyone else, including me.  I have to admit that it took a few minutes of time away from everyone else and a prayer to not enjoy those feelings from another person in the wrong way.  It was nice that someone paid attention to my needs at any given moment.  Selfish… but nice.  I have a tendency to back off and let everyone else run the conversations, but I felt very sure of myself and kept the conversations going all afternoon. 

    The friend that we visited is in the middle of a divorce and living with her mom.  She and I made some tentative plans to spend some time together in the near future. 

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