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Haven't hit bottom yet

Haven't hit bottom yet

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  • I dont know where to start. I'm sure you've heard it all before from someone in some way. The story about him or her taking every opportunity to take a shot at you and knock you down and rather than just walk away you stay engaged. Sparing all the details, I've realized I am still trying to control the situation to some point, and that just makes things worse. Its tough to stay focused on God. Anyways, because there has been so much fighting and everything that comes out of her mouth at me just hurts. And what ever comes out of my mouth is manipulated by her to make melook like the bad guy. I was unable to do the dare. Besides, I could not think of a sigle thing she has done lately that would warrant this. Which is crazy, cause 6 months ago or more, even maybe 2months, I would not have enough space to write all the godly things she did. My wife use to spend most of her time helping or serving others. She was very involved at the church. She was always in the word of God. Thats what I dont understand anddrives me crazy. What have I done that is not worth working out.

  • You did things your way..

    Now it is time to do the dares... Even if you comment form a month or so ago, do it Gods way

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