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  • My husband and I just had a tiff in the car.  Our children were in there too.  I feel ashamed, as I should know better than to react.  He had been picky all afternoon and I ended up snapping.  I appologised and said I shouldn't have said the things I did.  We're ok now, I just feel terrible though.


    Today I commended him on how he helps our community as a volunteer fire fighter.  It takes a lot of work with the training, paper work as well as handling the actual fires.  Seeing we live in the bush, our brigade also handles accidents.  A few years back he was one of the first on the scene of an accident where a 2 yr old died.  It was quite horrific for him.  Seeing it was also a family just up the road from us also didn't help.  He really does do a lot.


    He has been more considerate of myself and our children lately.  I could commend him there.  Maybe going away for long times, helped his heart to grow softer towards us.  I could help him persevere more by appreciating him more

  • And that would be leading your heart away from selfish motives and more to loving him as Christ wants you too

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