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Re: Day 74 - Love still Celebrates Godliness

Day 74 - Love still Celebrates Godliness

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    Day 74—Love still Celebrates Godliness


    Find a specific, recent example when your spouse demonstrated Christian character in a noticeable way.  Verbally commend them for this at some point today.”


    I honestly thought I was going to do have a tough time coming up with an example again just as I did in round 1, but after praying about it, it came pretty quickly—when my husband recently took care of me while I was sick. Now how was I going to verbally commend him for this at some point today especially at the rate the no contact was going? Well, with God anything is possible!


    This morning, on my way to an event I had to attend for a few hours for work, I had a missed call and a few texts from my husband. To say the least, I was surprised by them due to the little to no contact this past week—“How is your morning going? Do you have plans after work? Would you like to go and do something? I promise I won’t cancel on you anymore. I am sorry I did that to you. I am ready to be your husband again. That is if you still want to be my wife.” I prayed about my response…it is probably quite obvious what it would be—“You know I still want to be your wife. If you are ready, I am still here. I am free after work for a couple hours before a dinner I have committed to.”


    Needless to say, he came over for a couple hours after I got off work. We spent some time together talking. He apologized again for canceling on me and reassured me he is in it for good this time. I noticed rather quickly that he had his wedding ring on. I was overjoyed. He has not worn it since December. I asked how he was doing emotionally. He responded with 110% better even from the last time I saw him. He claims it is his bike riding that made him feel better. I was thinking, yes, exercise helps, but I claim a much bigger and better Healer. Within the conversation, I saw the opportunity to complete the dare, so I verbally commended him for taking care of me when I was sick—that I was really appreciative of it.


    On the counter were still my laminate samples and the list of building materials from when I had planned on going to Lowes yesterday, but felt God telling me not to. I was able to show my husband both things and ask if he liked them in which he did. It felt good to get his opinion especially after not having it with all the work that has recently been done on the house. That confirms the dare was completed as Christ wanted me to yesterday. In the moment, I had not understood, but in time He always reveals…Lastly, before my husband left this evening, the carpet guy came by to do measurements. I was thankful for how that worked out— I had scheduled it yesterday not having a clue that my husband would be here for it. This will be my third bid, but first one that my husband will be a part of. I continue to pray for guidance with this decision since it is the biggest one financially to do with the remodel and what God laid on my heart last round.


    This time felt different with my husband. I feel even more at peace than I did the last time. I truly believe we are now on the straightaway on the road of healing.


    In the midst of writing my journal entry, I have the Kendricks’ (authors of Love Dare) movie—Facing the Giants on in the background. The following seized my attention—“We serve a God that opens doors that no one can shut and closes doors no one can open. He knows our deeds. He has placed before you an open door that no one can shut. He knows you have little strength, yet you have kept my Word and have not denied my name.”


    The Lord is NOT through with me yet. I am still to bloom where I am planted! Let the dares continue…

  • The journey is not done until Christ is done. And by that time we will be with Him in Glory!

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