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2nd Time Day 34

2nd Time Day 34

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  • 5-30-10

    It has been almost a year but when my wife done vacation bible school with the kids I was so proud of her for that. She really took care in working with those kids. Since then she really has done nothing that demonstrates christian character. Her language has gotten worse and she has changed. I wasn't able to speak with her today, all I got was a text about when we are trading the kids tomorrow.

    I will be done with this dare for the second time in 5 more days so I started a new book called "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. It's another 40 day spiritual journey that focuses on me and not a spouse. I am on day 3 and it seems to be a real good book.

  • Otty, remember way back, when we discussed how God allows us to screw it up? That is what she is doing. She has forsaken Christ and fell from the journey. Remember he will not change our will, but he will let us screw up and come to him. So, I am sure that he will get her right, just as he has done with you. Lets pray she is willing to accept it. But the good news is, you are in a perfect place to be there, to be a witness for him.

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