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Day 34: Sunday 5-16

Day 34: Sunday 5-16

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  • I started out the day kind of late.  I missed the 10am service so I got dressed and read some proverbs.  Chapter 14:1 "The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands."  This kind of stuck with me the entire day.  Well I think I blew my chance yesterday yo ask my wife if she would like to accompany me to church.  She was up about 10:15 and services started @ 11:45.  She even had asked me, Have you been to church already and I told her no I had to wait for the 11:45 service.  Duh!!! There it was hitting me right in the head and I just completely over looked it.  I know she is trying to finish my daughter graduation video.  Well there is next week.  Since we are a military family, we have a guest speaking, Ret Lt. General from the US Army who was the commander over Delta Force.  I'm going to try to get the entire family to come.

    Well when we I returned she was steadily working on the video.  I started out helping her, but then my daughter kind of stepped in and wanted to help her mom so I let her.  Later I had been walking by while she was playing parts of it and I just teared up.  The rest of the night I kind of just stayed away while she was working on it, plus I was extremely tired.  Watching my daughter video made me very emotional.  I was proud and sad all at once.  Anyway when she came to bed last night, she had asked me what was wrong and i just said i was really tired.  I had rolled over to cuddle with her and she kind of just pushed my hand off her.  So I said good night and I loved her and she replied good night.  We have a lot going on in our life right now, between my grandfather dying of cancer, my daughter graduating from high school and our situation, sometimes its completely overwhelming and exhausting.  God has helped me a lot with this, but I still have my moments.  

    As for the Dare, I would have to say the way we have been getting along.  She, in my eyes, has been trying and that alone is godly.  I would have guessed we would be doing the things together we have when I started this journey.  Like I said, God definitely has a plan and if my wife didn't want to be here then she probably would have already left.  Only God knows what's in store for us.

  • You need to start praying with her everyday. You need to lead her to Christ as well.

  • I really don't know where to start.  She has always said the Holy Roller thing is not for her.

  • That is hard to do, I have a problem leading any prayer, something I need to work on. I might suggest littl;e things like, God I pray diner comes out ok, if your adds up, its just a suggestion. We are a military family to, well kind of, I have never been away from home or living at base, I still hope one day, God only know right?  I feel overwelmed & exhausted some days to. Thats when I pray for strength to make it thru one more day, one more minute sometimes, lol.  Just give it to God & wait for his timing. Be strong...& follow Gods lead


  • When I first introduced it into my marriage.. I told my wife one evening, that a family that prays together, stays together. So while laying in bed, I grabbed her hand, and prayed. At first, I did not ask for her to pry, I did it. I did that each night. Now, before bed I lead her, the kids and I.

  • That is so awesome. Its a wonderful thing to be a part of. At one time I would ask my husband to pray with me & he would lead, I always felt so good afterwards, closer to him & to God.


  • Well, a family that prays together stays together. And Stan. For your wife. Every hear her say "Oh my God"? Whenever there is a hard time, think she talks to God? Is that a holy roller? To start out, before bed, or at dinner. Just introduce it. If she rejects it, it will convict her.

  • Sean's right. and if it doesn't immediately convict her, it will at least pique her interest.



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