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Day 33

Day 33

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  • So the other was day 32 and I did not do that dare (we had other issues personally that it was not possible). So the next day was to talk to each other and tell each other that you want them in your life and to plan future together and make decisions together.  So we haven't been talking much but I have been following all the dares.  He hasn't wanted to talk so I have given him his space.  So as we sit down to eat on the night of day 33 he asked what was wrong and I was told him I was just thinking about all of this and us.  Waiting to see what he was going to say.  I asked him what he was thinking.  He said he was and has been thinking, and he is no longer happy in our marriage, he loves me but is not in love with me and he wants a divorce.  I am still am shocked.  My world is broken.  I can't even think of what to do next.  I don't want this.  He finally agreed to counseling but only to start after the divorce is signed.  I am lost, I can't even think complete thoughts.  


  • Many of us have heard the exact words you have been hearing.  Put God above what he says and things do get easier, in finding comfort in Christ.

    You mention following the dares.  Are you doing them?  You can do a dare a day, and if that is all you do, he will still feel he is getting the space he needs.

    Please repost this in the love dare journal section under the community link.  this area does not get read much.  

    Welcome and if you go to the other section of this site you will get the advice and help you want.

  • I will try to post this under the community link.  

    As for the dares, I was trying to do them.  To tell you the truth though I stopped doing almost all of them since then.  I know I need to restart but my heart is to hurt right now.  I feel like I am walking around a old bombed out WW2 town alone in a eerie broken place I once knew and now nothing looks familiar.

  • Sorry I didn't notice you replied, this side of the site just seems to get ignored.  

    Sure your heart it hurt right now.  The worlds way is to let a hurt heart stop us from trying.  We are taught to follow our heart and emotions, not Christ.  

    If you were following Christ, would you really have stopped trying to do the dares?  You would endure, just as He endured carrying His cross to His death.  He I am sure heard His flesh tell Him to stop.

    Go tot the appendix and read the section on leading the heart.  You need to lead the heart in these times, because you surely, just like me, don't want to do this when love isn't  being reciprocated.

    As you do the dares, especially when it feels like it is time to stop doing them, you will begin to experience Christ's comfort you so desparetely want.  Do a dare a day, no more, no less. remember this is a journey between you and Christ, not you and your husband.  Christ will mold you during this journey.

    So pray each morning for God's will to be done in your life, pray on how to accomplish the dares, and pray also only for your husband right now to have Christ's will done in his life.  And you will begin feeling instead of walking around in an abandoned town by yourself, that you have Christ with you and you will be enveloped in His peace.

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