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Day 73 - Love Completes Each Other

Day 73 - Love Completes Each Other

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  • What a quiet, rainy day.  We did nothing all day.  My dad was in the hospital, so I went to visit with him for a couple of hours while my husband watched our daughter.  My aunt showed up while I was there, so I was able to spend some time with her.  She’s a nun at a monastery close to my house, and a fantastic person to have on your side when you need some faith intervention!  Seeing her made me realize that I need to visit the monastery sometime soon now that my daughter is in school.  I could use a few nuns laying their hands on me right now.

    After visiting with my dad, I spent the rest of the afternoon at home not doing anything.  We just watched movies and visited.   We played a few board games, and our daughter spent some time with my father in law in the evening.

    My husband opened us up to this dare.  While we were watching TV, he said that we needed to talk about what to do in regards to the truck.  It needs a lot of work right now, but is paid off.  He asked what I wanted to do… get the work done or get a new vehicle.  We talked about both sides and came to a decision… TOGETHER!  We did choose to just fix the truck and hang onto it for longer.  However, if I had chosen to get a new vehicle he would have been fine with that decision.  Once we made the decision, he verified with me that it was what I really wanted and not just what I thought he wanted to hear.  Wow!  GOD gets a fist bump for that one!

    During the day, my husband had gotten an invite from a friend for a Labor Day cook out.  She had asked if I would bring my pasta dish and that we bring our own beer.  I had some house cleaning to do.  When I was finished, I asked my husband if he would mind if I went to the store.  He said he’d like to go with me while his dad watched our daughter.   We got the ok from his dad, and we went to the store together.  We were there for a couple of hours.  Date night at the grocery store!

    When we got home, I put our daughter to bed.  A little while later, my husband asked if I MINDED if he went to play on the computer for the rest of the night. 

    Lots of praise for a day of oneness. 

  • Putting daughter to bed... Are there prayers before her bed? Remember a family that prays together stays together!

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