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Day 33 - Love Completes Each Other

Day 33 - Love Completes Each Other

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  •      Well, Shelly isn't around right now, I truthfully don't know where she is w/him. I have had very little contact with her recently in an attempt to let God work on her w/o interfering. Also, she filed for support through his attorney and a letter with it told me not to contact her unless it's about our children. I have contacted an attorney myself and am trusting that things will eventually work out according to God's plan in His time.

         I involve her in all of my decisions as they impact her as much or more than they do me. Prior to all of this we purchased a new car for her, and were planning to move to another house as a family. I had also started looking for another position where I could be home more often. At this point, I am unsure of what's going to happen, so I am not making any major decisions other than continuing my job search and praying that God will lead me to the right one. If things improve in my marriage, not only will I involve Shelly in all decisions, we will pray to God and use his guidance in our choices.

         I continue to pray for Shelly and believe that God is and has been working on her as much as he has been working on me. I am also still reading a chapter in Proverbs and John daily, and studying the meaning of John with a brother in Christ. This has helped me stay grounded in God and build my faith. Also, clinging to Him, I am able to stay strong even in the face of strife. These trials will not break me, only make me stronger in my walk with God, and hoefully someday I will be a witness to others. For now I'll complete the dares as I can and pray to God for guidance and help.

  • Seek His will. And pray for the understanding of it.

  • Thanks Sean, that's what I'm doing and trusting His will is going to happen at His time.

  • It is good you aren't making any major decisions right now that should involved the two of you. At least in my humble opinion. There may be a door that opens where you are able to involve her in such a decision even though in her mind she is moving forward with a divorce.

    As you are seeing day in and day out - it is all about being still and listening to Him.

  • Doing it His way and not the fleshes way...

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