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Day 33 - Love Completes Each Other

Day 33 - Love Completes Each Other

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  • After the rejection on Day 32, this day was pretty emotional for me.  I prayed the marriage prayer from “Power of a Praying Wife” in the morning.  My husband and I sent a couple of messages through the morning, but they stopped midday.  I had asked if work was busy, but received no response until the end of the day… he said that he had been in a secure location all day and couldn’t answer me.  That was an improvement over the usual no response.  Before pulling onto our street, I pulled over and prayed the marriage prayer again.

    When I got home from work, the pizza delivery guy was parked in my space, so I parked in a visitor spot.  When I got inside, my husband asked if I’d like him to get my truck and park it in my spot for me.  I told him he didn’t have to, and he said that he didn’t mind, so I let him do that.  That is very out of the ordinary for him… it’s hard to trust those changes in a person!  Those little things show me that Christ is working in him without him even realizing it.

    I needed my husband’s opinion on whether or not to take my truck in to have it looked at.  The check engine light had come on, but then went off.  The mileage is high, and I wasn’t sure if this was the reason for it.  He gave his opinion, and we talked about the warranty left on the truck, and what we wanted to put into it.  We made a decision together, and I told him that I appreciated his perspective on the issue. 

    I did manipulate the dare… I realize that now.  I did the first part, but didn’t do the entire thing.  I didn’t tell him that I ignored his input in the past, although I did write that in my forgiveness email.



  • Recognizing the manipulation is a big advancement. Seek out those moments and that will allow you to leave control and it will grow your trust in Christ.

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