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Day 33

Day 33

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  • I might not have access to the internet over the weekend, so I am posting this now. I will continue to do my dares.I had contact with my husband last night/this morning.

    I am taking a trip up north this weekend. I texted Jeff last night to ask if he had our IPASS for tollways. He said yes. I asked if I could borrow it. He didn't respond for a while. So at 10:30pm I texted him back and said "if you don't want me to use it that is fine, I would just appreciate a response. love you." He texted back a little later that it was fine, he just got out of rehearsal. Ok. So he brought it this morning. I gave him his mail and the cookies I had made for him on Monday. I asked him what happened on Monday-weather. Ok. Told him to have a good day and that I loved him. Didn't talk about when we were meeting next. Left that in his court. We shall see. I know a show is opening at the end of February, so he is just going to get busier.

    I would normally include my husband in my decisions. I value his opinion very much because he is very wise. I could have done a better job at truly listening to what he said and taken he advice more often. I will post more on this later.

  • As you are away, take the time to put margin in your days with Christ. To reflect on the past, and look forward to being a testimony in the coming weeks. Could be a big help.

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