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  • My husband and I seem to be on the same page in terms of future decisions, usually.  When it's for the well being of the family or kids, we're ususally on the same page.  It has been hard when it comes to our individual choices, but it is something that I have grown to see how important it is to support each others goals.

    I decided to talk to my husband about our sons education.  Our 5 year old is amazingly smart & we feel he is above grade level for his age, but haven't yet talked to his teacher (we have a conference set up).  He has talked to a few teachers at the schools he works at and I have researched what I can from my network of teacher friends...In the end we both just want what is best for him.  I told him I appreciate his imput in our sons education & I am glad that we can make the decisions together.  I also admitted that I don't know everything or what/how to go about it & that I like that we can talk things through in order to do what is best for him (I think I tend to come off as an "expert" sometimes because I used to teach- but being a teacher and a parent is two different things!) .

    Refocusing on God is very helpful for me so that I don't overanalyze everything my husband says/does.  On one hand, we have made plans to go shopping tomorrow (he used to buy his "own" food).  ON the other hand, he told me that he has a lot on his mind right now but didn't go into more detail.  Maybe he was baiting me?  In any case, I was a bit curious, but I didn't persue it.  In fact...I didn't let it bother me either. 

    My day was full of blessings, I am so grateful the Lord has bestowed these blessings on me.  There is something very peaceful about knowing that God has a path planned for you, you just have to listen to what His will is for you.  And though I don't know what exactly His will is for me, I trust Him. 

  • It is so wonderful that you have come to the decision not to over analyze, which always ends up leading to having expectations that you just cannot control. When you leave these things in Gods hands, you know His will is what comes.

    And you are right about listening. We are all experts at asking, we need to become experts at listening.

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