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Re: Day 33: Feeling incomplete

Day 33: Feeling incomplete

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  • It was a difficult day.  Negative thoughts.  Images.  Triggers.  Just all too much.  I turned to GOD in prayer to please take the burdens away.  I prayed GOD would take it all away because I did not want to think about it anymore.  I'm struggling right now.  I am hopeful tomorrow will be a new day and I will make choices to be in the appreciate room and shows acts of LOVE towards my husband.  Perhaps GOD is testing me like never before.  I dunno.  GOD wants me to completely surrender and trust him and believe in him and his perfect plan for my life and marriage. 

    So I finally told my husband that I valued his opinion about things it was important to me to hear what he thought about things that I have to make decisions about.  I told him I hope he would share it with me like the other day when we were discussing something.   I also said I know in the past it might have seen like I did not value what you had to say and I was wrong and hope you will forgive me.  He asked why I was saying this and I reminded him that I had said this the other day when we were discussing something.  He might be on to me about the Love Dare because he has seen me posting stuff but i make sure to close the window when he come next to me.

  • Be more open to him when he asks you questions like that. Be more to because you are changing your life for Christ... That Christ is working in your life. Allow him to know your testimony....

  • Yeah guess I'm trying not to disclose that i am doing the Love Dare. He doesn't get it or understand what its about. He just says oh we are not a movie.  I guess that's my job to be that testimony.  I will share with him that Christ is molding me each and every day.

  • It is funny that he makes that comment. Because when you are able to trust Christ to turn everything over to Him, and the tables turn to the point that your husband loses the control he has now.... He will remind you of that movie to help regain the control....

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