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Re: Day thirtythree

Day thirtythree

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  • Well. Completing each other. I admit that I still have a lot of work to do on that. In the past, we have worked together for most everything; when I was shopping for my first bike, he helped me find one that was perfect. And when he wanted to get a new bike, we went together. We talked about making decisions, finances, and just how things would go. We haven't been like that for a while though.

    So tonight I tried to talk, but he just told me about his day, then it was time to sit down for dinner, then he became a couch potato. And I stopped trying to talk.

    I started reading thessalonians. Today's reading: We are not trying to please men but God, who tests our hearts. That makes it all worthwhile.

  • This will come. Be patient. Focus on how to get more private time. When he becomes a couch potato then sit with him and during a commercial talk about the show....

  • That would work if he didn't always fall asleep within five minutes of being on the couch.

    I'll practice patience and wait for a good opportunity. I have tomorrow off. I've even thought of putting my thoughts in a letter and leaving it for him to read but it would be better if he heard it directly from me. There is a lot we need to talk about and I have been avoiding it. I realize now that it isn't doing us any good if I keep trying to hide. I knew it before, but haven't had enough courage to face it. I feel like I have God with me and that makes me strong; I can do this.

  • Thats it. Trust Christ. And do what you are lead to do....

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