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Day 33 - completeness

Day 33 - completeness

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  • Last night I was at a fellowship Bible study - topic was on "Go Fish" and spreading the gospel. Through this journey I was able to share my God experience with two of my non-Christian friends. If I wasn't going through this I would had never even started talking about God with them. For that I praise Him for allowing me to sow a seed. I also praise God for placing so many brothers and sisters around me to support me and pray for me at critical points of this journey.


    Well, second day at our home by myself after she moved out. It's still a bit weird but I'm not worry or anxious because my heart will usually pump super fast if I'm worry or anxious. God is amazing He has given me so much strength.


    Today's Dare - Regarding our future and upcoming decision, I want to confirm about her intention to sell our home because that is not what I want but if she really wants to I will respect her decision.



  • Did she get back to you?

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