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Day 32

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  • Well, my nightly ritual has become to read the next day's dare to see what planning may be necessary, and when I read this two nights ago I was like oh...this isn't going to go over well!

    When I read the chapter, my first thought was how my wife has told me she has no sexual attraction to me what so ever, this is one of two main reasons she has given me to want to end our marriage. I had no idea how to even try to attempt this, but I did not exactly give up hope. I contemplated hinting at the idea, and then realized that this would not go over well since my earlier attempts at affection have made her very uncomfortable...just holding her a second or two longer in our goodnight hug before I leave has had this affect. I was at a loss and thought I would have to skip this one and revisit in 40 days. Then I got a phone call from my sister. We are pretty close, and she has been through a similar situation on the other side. She knows I am doing the dare, so does my wife, and suggested something I had not dared to imagine. She said to ask her to read the dare. I thought this was I did. A few minutes before I was grabbing my coat to head out for the night, I asked if she would take a minute to read the dare...I was kind of nervous, but she took the book willingly. She read it and did not show very much emotion, but then we joked around about it that if I had tried this one it would not have been pretty!

    I guess my story is that don't always look for the literal meaning behind the dares. Sometimes you must be creative and willing to bounce ideas off other people you trust and care for in your life! Maybe, ask your loved one how they may handle the dare...

    Babe, if you happen to come across this...I love you more everyday and will continue choosing you! There is no fear in love...

  • Welcome to the site. Try copying a pasting what you typed in the journal section, under the community tab.  It gets read there more than here.

    typically it is recommended not to let your spouse know you are doing the dares.  Not to keep a secret,but to look at this as a journal, one between you and Christ, not you and your wife.  Where she will be used as a tool to mold you.

    Do the dares as intended.  Even if you expect a negative reaction.  But don't have any expectations when doing the dares.  There is purpose in doing the dares and it's as important to do the dares when there is a no response as well a yes response.  

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