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Re: Day 72 - Love Meets Sexual Needs

Day 72 - Love Meets Sexual Needs

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  • The dare was not accomplished, but that didn’t make it any less of a very fulfilling day.  I did pray in the morning about how to accomplish the dare and having that door opened to me.  The time is just not right yet. 

    I began the morning with quiet time reading my Bible, praying, and doing my devotion.  I then went to pick our daughter up from her sleepover, and beginning a list of errands that I had to run.  My husband was going to head over to his sister’s house while I was running errands.  When I got home from errands, my husband was deeply involved in yard maintenance.  He had weeded the garden, mowed the front and back, and was finishing the edging when I got home.  This was the first time in at least 3 years that he had done this much.  Occasionally, he will mow, but it’s usually left for me to do.  The yard was looking pretty good.  I finished up some housework while he finished the yard. 

    After he came in and cooled off for a bit, he headed to his sister’s with his dad, and I did some housework before leaving for his sister’s house.  After a while, I picked up my mother in law, ran another errand, and we headed south to his sister’s.  The rest of the afternoon and into the night was spent at his sister’s church.  They do a huge festival with live music and fireworks every year.  Some of the music was praise music… not as much as I was hoping for.  My husband spent the entire time with his phone out, but I spent the time with the family and enjoyed the intimate environment of our immediate family.  It was fantastic!  Our daughter had a blast, and his mother and I really got to catch up.  At the end of the evening, I took his mom home, and he and his dad went back to our house.  We were all completely worn out.  Best part – my husband was at a church function with me and my family.  Praise God for that!

  • How awesome you could focus with Chirsts love in you oon family and not the phone! That is an accomplishment.

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