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Re: I need help....

I need help....

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  • I was not able to meet this dare at all.

    First, the issue of what took place the other day with spouse completelty justified that I am the cause of it all.

    Even to say that the reason he did not want me to see the phone was to avoid arguments.

     So in essence, I was going to start the argument. not that what he is doing is adding pressure to what is happening?

    uuuhhhhggg! Any way, sex was not on the menu, he was repulsive to me and I was feeling sick "female issues"

    I did try and snuggle up but it was obvious his heart was else where.

    I understand the notician and agree with it, its just in practise with circumstances at play, one can not carry the load alone.

    I asked the Lord to forgive me, for trying to be HIM again.

    I dont know.

    I felt that we should discuss what took place the other night but from what he was saying to me, its clear that none of it is his fault and he is the victim.

    I ended up doing all the talking and I just felt sick and fatigued.

    I really want the Lord to change my heart. I do not know how to functionwith out speaking.

    I did not insult or say demeaning things but , I went on and on and on and on.

    I even tried to share the gospel with him and did my best to not let it come from the desire to want us to be together, it was just a mess and I woke up this morninf just asking the Lord to help me and give me a new heart. The more interaction I have with him, the worse it gets for me.

    I told him that I was not happy with how he treats me and so many things, I might as well have been talking to a 10 year old cause nothing went through.

    I just need to back off, and I prayed for God to help me.

    I am taking another day out to be alone with the Lord to night, I have not told spouse that I will not be comming home.

    I just do not feel that I need to anymore. I feel rediculed to be under his submission when all that he values and believes are contrary to where I am trying to go.

    He said that he wished he could be like me.

    I said I wish I could be like Jesus.

    He said no one can be like Jesus, He was not human , he was perfect.

    I told him thaat Jesus was human and every beating he had on the cross was representative of all the hurts and pains that we could ever feel that is why he is auqainted with our sufferings becuase he knows what it feels like. And the bible encouraged us to have the mind of christ, to strive every day to love our enemies and forgive them, to be kind, patient, longsuffering etc.

    I told him that the Lord sees everything, all the things that he does in secretm, God sees and he is not happy with that. I said that GOd loves every person that is in hell right now but there is nothing God can do for them now becaue they did not listen. I told him that I did not want him to consider the Lord for my sake, but that he consider the Lord for his own because the path that he is on will lead him to hell.

    I asked him what he was wating for to accept the Lord in his heart. to start to take the things of God to heart. I told him that he must be born again, not for mysake  to make me happy, but for the sake of his soul. I told him that people do things in secret and then run to church and out on christianity and say, i'm safe.

    but God see's all that they do in the secret places and He is not pleased with their conduct.

    This was all the preachng I did for the night.

    I feel sooooo bad, soooo weak, I just want to stop talking and let my life be the witness.

    this was my prayer for myself this morning.

  • When you feel you need to get it it to your husband that is the exact time you need to commit it to prayer.

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