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Re: Day 32 - Love Meets Sexual Needs...Impossible Today

Day 32 - Love Meets Sexual Needs...Impossible Today

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  • Today's dare is completely impossible a this time, at least I think so. Shelly is not here, and apparently still on vacation with him. Also, even if she was here, we're no where near that step yet, and I continue to sleep on our couch every night. A few weeks ago when she was around and I thought were improving, I had bought her something sexy for when we did get back to intimacy, and it is in one of her dresser drawers. I am hoping that someday we will get back to making love, pending her return. For now, I am patiently praying for myself, our children, Shelly, and our marriage/family.

  • Keep praying on the dare to be done by His will. It obviously may not be done verbatim of what it says (same thing for me the first couple of rounds), but in some way it is completed how He wants it to be. That is what I seek throughout the day when I think there is no way it isn't getting done...I find them to be teachable moments even...perhaps through something you read or hear throughout the day. Just throwing that out there to keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. ; )

  • I just got registered mail that Shelly filed for support and custody in a neighboring ounty where he lives. As well as a letter from the attorney telling me not to contact her unless it's about the chldren. I can't stop crying and shaking. I am a wreck right now.

  • I made it through the day and feel stronger now. I heard from Shelly and she said she's been sick since last night vomiting from what she called stress. I believe this is God's conviction inside her. Any insight or words of wisdom??

  • I am sorry to hear about Shelly's file for support and custody. Even though it is HARD right now you can't focus on that. It is circumstantial in the grand scheme of the big Man's plan, so continue to focus on Him and your Love Dare journey [i.e. walk with Christ].

    He will use whatever means necessary to get our attention [did he not get your attention with your wife/broken marriage just as he has with all of us...], so yes her sickness could be such a mean. During my husband and I's separation he had experienced health issues he never had experienced in all of our years together (irregular heartbeat at 31 years old, deep depression, intense backache...) Unfortunately, it was not the brokenness that brought him to Christ, but everything He uses for His higher glory. It is now I that has been having health issues that I have never experienced before...I told God I was game to be used however He needed for my husband's salvation, so I continue to rely on Him emotionally and physically.

    That is just my two cents...

  • I rely on Him to get me through where before I would've tried to do it on my own and failed. I am leaving everything up to Him with Shelly. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and have not been eating regularly lately. Before this I was dieting and had lost 30 pounds in about 5 months, and in the last 2 months have lost 35 pounds (Not a healthy loss I assume), Even with all of this, since being redeemed, I have more energy and feel stronger within as I am filled with God's grace. I am submerging myself in His word and strengthening my faith. I am confident that God's plan will be completed in His time.

  • And with your testimony, things will be seen.

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