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Re: Day 32 - Love meets sexual needs

Day 32 - Love meets sexual needs

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  • I prayed about this one all day.  I prayed for that door to be opened for me.  Even my sis in law prayed on this one – we had to laugh about that. 

    We had a really nice day.  My husband had some time with our daughter while I was at church.  She usually goes with me, but I let her stay home with him today.  It was my first day back with our worship team, and I knew it would be pretty emotional for me.  I didn’t think I’d be able to parent very well, and all of the friends that she usually sits with when I’m on my mic weren’t there this week.  After church, I came home and made lunch.  We had a nice sit down lunch, then my husband took a long nap while I cleaned the house.  I even snuck in a good nap while our daughter watched TV for a bit.  We went to the grocery store as a family and watched a movie when we got home.  After our daughter went to bed, my husband, his father, and I watched a movie, and my husband got to catch up with an old friend that we’d been talking about.  The friend was someone who meant a lot to both my husband and I, and we have been talking recently that it was unfortunate we had no way to contact him… then out of the blue he contacts my husband.  I don’t believe in coincidence… my husband needs a male friend to confide in.  I’ve been praying for someone to reach out to him. 

    I know that I should not have any expectations on any of the dares, but this one was hard not to prepare myself for disappointment.  I prayed more than once as the night wore on.  My husband sleeps on the couch, while I sleep in bed.  Before going to bed, I asked him if he’d like to sleep with me.  He shook his head no.  I told him to have a good night, kissed him on the forehead, and went upstairs.  I held back the tears, went to our bedroom, and fell asleep praying. 

  • The tears are the moment to seek Chirsts comfort and lay the burden upon Him.

  • Blessings, Becky.  Such courage and strength in that!! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Becky, have you been able to lay the burdens on Christ?

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