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Re: Day 32 - Sex (if only)

Day 32 - Sex (if only)

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    "Two Parents living together as friends raising children" is how she characterizes our relationship.  She wants to enjoy the benefits of being married (financial, parenting, etc) with me as roommate.   Needless to say, initiating sex was not appropriate.   All I want is the opportunity to share this journey with her.  To allow Christ to touch her the way he has touched me.  I was in a broken state where as she is happy and content right now.  She says this feels right and since I’m the only one hurt by it (the kids don’t know) I should move on.  She doesn’t want anything to do with people from the church or anyone who might tell her to save her marriage.   I will wait on Lord.  

  • Waiting on the Lord does not mean to choose on the dares. The success of the dares are to trust Christ in doing them and not worrying about the response. If she rejects you then you may be in a humbling situation that shows you what Christ needs you to see. But when you keep the control and do it your way, then you stay in the same boat you are in.

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