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Day 71 - Love and Marriage

Day 71 - Love and Marriage

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  • Over the past two months, I have worked on “cleaving” myself of the close relationship with my parents.  They were always the ones that I would call on first if anything happened.  I would turn to them if I needed something done or just needed someone to hear me out.  My break from them hasn’t gone over so well with them, but it’s what was right for my family.  My mom is still very angry with me and will not speak to me unless she has no choice.  I still visit about once a month… just like I always did.  I talk to my brother, who lives with them, a couple of times a week. 

    The day started with me taking the truck to get inspected… it failed.  I needed a new tire.  My daughter had her school open house, so while we were there, I sent my husband a message about needing a new tire and asked what he thought we should do.  We messaged back and forth a little before he got too busy at work.  After the open house, I had an optometrist appointment.  Following that appointment, he sent a message letting me know what he thought I should do.  I followed through with his thoughts.  He did all of the research, and I let him talk to the guy at the tire place.  I usually take full control of something like this.  I have always handled every maintenance issue regarding the truck, and have paid for everything myself.  He wanted me to do much more than I could afford, but I could tell that he was pleased I listened and did as he asked.  The tires would take 3 hours to change, and my husband made a joke that I could spend the three hours at Toys r Us, which was next door. 

    Thankfully, I did not have to do that.  I texted my father in law, and he came to get my daughter and I.  The three of us spent a couple of hours together looking at furniture for him and eating lunch.  We had a nice time together, and he was able to get our opinion on the furniture. 

    A few minutes after we got home, my husband pulled up.  He was on the phone in his car for a while, and my mind jumped to wondering who he was talking to all this time.  I got more and more anxious.  Eventually, he came inside, still on the phone, and came upstairs.  I figured out through the conversation that he was talking to his sister.  I had gotten myself all worked up, only to find out that he left work early because his sister was having car problems, and our truck was in the shop.  He wanted to be home where he could help if anyone needed it. 

    By the end of the day, he calmed his sister down with a promise to look at her car the next morning, we picked up the truck and I dropped our daughter off at a sleep over.  He bought 4 new tires for the truck and listened to them about some other problems that we have with the truck.  We ended the evening by going out to an Indian restaurant with his dad.  We both felt that we owed him.  The dinner conversation was great.  After dinner, my husband didn’t get on the computer but stayed downstairs and watched a movie with me. 

    I felt Christ working in me all day.  There were moments that were so different from the person that I was.  He’s working in my husband as well…. Even if my husband doesn’t realize it.  Praise God for this day where we could work together as a family.

  • Praise God for every day.... Even in the humbling moments

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