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Love Dare 31

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  • I had a leaving problem when it came to totally leaving my family. I allowed my relationship with my parents get in the way of my marriage.

    I actually thought i had left them and would tell my husband to leave his mom. And when things go tough i would talk to them instead of my husband. i involved them way too much into our problems and marriage.

    And even up until i started this love dare i did. In doing these dares I have let go. I realized that a marriage is just you, your spouse, & God in the center. 

    There should be no outsiders. You go to God with your problems and you pray. You communicate with your spouse not talk about them and together you both face the situations that come.

    And it is very noticeable how peaceful we are when we spend time together now without me letting others influence my thoughts about my husband or expectations. 

    Not that I have left them mentally & will soon be leaving my parents physically. We will be moving into our own place in 2 weeks. Not with my husband but it will make this easier since he is not allowed in my parents home.

    And i feel an openness in our marriage I have never felt before. Like we are free to be who we were when we both met. 

    We have been more joyful and spending every wknd together. 

  • You are correct in a sense. But you will want to find a marriage mentor a couple that has a marriage in Christ. You will also still want to honor your father and mother. And finding a good church is very important as well.

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