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Re: Day 71 - Love, Marriage, and Spiritual Warfare

Day 71 - Love, Marriage, and Spiritual Warfare

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    Day 71—Love, Marriage, and Spiritual Warfare


    “Is there a "leaving" issue you haven't been brave enough to conquer yet?  Confess it to your spouse today, and resolve to make it right.  The oneness of your marriage is dependent upon it.  Follow this with a commitment to your spouse and to God to make your marriage the top priority over every other human relationship.”


    This chapter references ‘leaving’ as breaking a natural tie. “Your parents step into the role of counselors to be respected, but can no longer tell you what to do.” Last round I expressed this as an issue I was still working on due to the very close relationship I have with my parents, but I believe from then to now, God has worked wonders and rather than this being a weakness, He has turned it into a strength. I deeply respect what my parents have to say, but I do not let it affect me as it once would have. I am better able to discern their words and stand for what I believe in—my marriage. Cleaving can now occur—the joining of my husband and I’s hearts that is required to experience oneness.  


    This round I do not think the ‘leaving’ had anything to do with my parents. I of course did not realize that till after it took place…


    Last week my friend invited me to go to her church with her. I kindly said no since my Dad and I were already planning on going to our church. This week, however, I asked her if she wanted to go. My thought was that I would check it out. I know my husband does not like the church I go to. He feels it is too big. I just never cared enough to listen because he would rarely go with me anyway and I love the messages my pastor speaks each week. My friend accepted, so the plan was to go to church together and then breakfast afterwards. Well, last night she sent me a text saying she couldn’t go due to getting sick herself. I felt torn at this point. Do I still go check out this church by myself (this is something I definitely would not normally do) or just go to my church’s service? I prayed about it and God led me to checking out my friend’s church by myself today.


    Right away I felt at ‘home’ when I walked in. Ironically, it is located where I attended elementary school, but I did not recognize the inside anymore because of how they changed it. It was neat to walk into the place I hadn’t stepped foot in since 6th grade. Worship was fantastic—reminded me a lot of my church’s worship. Then the pastor starts his message—on Spiritual Warfare. I was in a seat in that church for a REASON. There could not have been a more applicable message that I needed to hear. I referenced my husband experiencing spiritual warfare yesterday, but this brought a whole new light to it—a light for me to relate to it. The enemy will use whatever he can to cause warfare in our lives—love and marriage obviously being one of them.  We, as armored Christians, need to find the fight that needs to be fought (for our marriages), fight the fight the way it needs to be fought (way of the Spirit not the flesh—praying for blessing not curses), and we need to fight the fight when it needs to be fought. We are not a doormat, but a doorframe! My belt of truth is now tightened tighter, my breast place of God’s righteousness is now stronger, my shoes of peace are now quicker, my shield of faith is now held higher, my helmet of salvation is now harder, and my sword of the Spirit is now sharper. Bring it!


    After the message, pastor was feeling moved to have an unplanned baptism. I all of a sudden felt my heart being pulled to do it. I was like no way—I’ve already been baptized years ago, I have no change of clothes, I was not planning on going home afterwards, I had no one here—everything I could think of not to do it. But God doesn’t give up that easy and I eventually obeyed. I grabbed my stuff and walked up front to be baptized for a second time in my life, but the first time truly experiencing the reason why behind it—to mark what this journey has been all about—my recommitted relationship with Christ—shedding the old me and celebrating the new me in Him. I was so overwhelmed with emotion as I made my out of the baptism pool. I made it to my car composed, then was flooded with visions of this whole journey and just started to weep. Little did I know, dare complete—leaving my “parent spiritual home.” I knew, today, I found my new spiritual home and look forward to my husband joining me when ready.

  • Praise God.... you are such a testimony to everyone on this journey. And to those around you. All I can say is praise God!

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