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Love Dare 30

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  • One thing that is threatening would be my selfish desire to be right all the time. No matter what its about, i always felt my way was better & right. 

    I would always shoot down his thoughts, decisions, and choices. I was a very controlling selfish spouse & it got a lot worse when he was addicted to painkillers. That fueled my attitude more and caused more separateness than ever before. 

    When i should have been seeking & praying & being his "help mate". I was tearing down my house and husband.

    I see now that wanting things my way done my ways was not only making us separate but also causing us to not be able to grow spiritually the way God wanted us too. Our marriage wasn't allowed to grow either.

    Not being able to express yourself in your marriage or any relationship can cause certain things to die. 

    This is the same situation i grew up in and my love for God died and all my goals I wanted to do died. Because i was being controlled & told to only go the way my parents wanted.

    Now I am listening and letting him be the man God intended him to be. I want to love him not control him. I want to see him grow and to be the leader of our family and to trust God to show him the way he needs to lead his family. 

    There is no more my way or what i want. It sounded so good at the beginning, but now if I am to unconditionally love someone that means all of them. Their thoughts, choices, words, feelings, and you give them the freedom to express those things without being judgemental.




  • Don't forget.... That you have a very important journey here. It will be your testimony in this Journey that leads. And there are always responsibilities as a person that follows Christ.

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