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Re: Day 70 - Love Brings Unity

Day 70 - Love Brings Unity

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  • Although my husband and I don’t yet have the “oneness” that is needed in a marriage, we’re closer than we were at this point during the first round.  Our finances are still separate, but we have been talking through financial issues over the past month.  We don’t  communicate about anything that has to do with our relationship, but we do communicate about well about everything else.  We do not have any physical closeness.  I have been praying for the physical closeness to be restored.  I touch my husband as I pass him and hug and kiss him on the forehead whenever I leave the house.  He is not open to anything more and pulls away still with the forehead kiss. 

    One place we have come closer together is sharing responsibilities in the house.  My husband and I talked on the phone during our drive home from work.  He was going to be home before I was.  I mentioned that when I got home, I would cook spaghetti for dinner.  I got home to find the spaghetti already cooking, so the two of us finished cooking the meal together.  Afterwards, we cleaned up the kitchen together.

    I had praise band rehearsal in the evening, so my husband planned for him and our daughter to watch a movie while I was gone.  I get back late, but during the summer, it’s nice if he can keep her up until I get home.  Rehearsal went well… we took an hour out of it to meet in our pastor’s office and talk about how we, as a team, can strengthen our faith.  It was a good, honest talk.  Being in the front of the congregation and having to think about what you’re doing tends to burn people out and turns into doing a job rather than worship.  It’s often a struggle to deal with the burn out, to deal with your own pride, and to be in a position to get involved in some of the church politics.  As a team, we seem to have turned a corner, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our praise band during this coming year!

    When I got home, it was after 9, so my husband had just put our daughter in bed.  I went up to say good night to her, and she was still awake.  I thanked him for letting her stay up so late. 

  • Becky how is everything... I posted a response to this on the journal.

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