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'Stronger' (20120826)

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  • I use to be very controlling in my marriage. Especially when it came to our youngest son. What I do now is ask myself what is pleasing to God. God is pleased when the church ( my wife) is loved, honored, and served. This does not mean to control her, or things, or the situation. But to know her, understand her, her needs, or the situation. There are many things that I hope He would reveal to her, and continue to reveal to me. But the most important is what was revealed to me, and that is His love and will for us. This morning we our schedulednto meet with our counselor about a amicable divorse. I am still nervous, but stronger. I know God loves me and his plan for me has a purpose to bring glory to his name. I have thoughts and believe he is going to bring us back together and us this as a testimony of his love and that love conquers all.

  • Met with the counselor, and she still feels the same.  In her words she is emotional dead to me.  She thinks its great that I've found God and I've changed my ways.  But she has been faking the love she has for me for years and now she just can't do it anymore.  She no longer loves me, or feels love for me.  Nothing I've done has made her feel any different.  If I had done this, or gone through this change 6 months ago, things would be different.

    Our counselor suggested that we seperate for a while and see what happens and if my wife continues to feel like this is the answer to her problem.  Before thinking twice about it, I offered to move out and let her and the kids stay at the house.  But now am wondering if I should have let me move out, since she is the one that wants to leave the relationship.

    I am going to keep on the path I'm on, but it is going to be much more difficult to perform any of these tasks.  Or give her an opportunity to see that I am the kind of person that she has been waiting for me to be, that I use to be, when we first got together.

    I just don't understand why she can't see.  I just wish God would open her eyes like he did mine..........ooooohhh.  I guess that is how she has felt the past three years.  But why at her moment of blessing does she walk away.

    I love God, and I will continue to do what is pleasing to him.

  • First, if it is possible it may be a better idea for her to move out. There are a number of reasons for this. Second. Don't worry about Christ changing her and having her see things. She sees them. But Christ is still preparing you, molding you.... Remember His will, and His perfect plan.

  • I dont disagree.  The problem is I already said I would.  I thought what I was doing was letting her know that I love her because I'm making sure her and the kids are taken care of.  Not sure how I can change the situation now.  I'm thinking I need to step back and let God take control though.

    I also agree with you that Christ is still molding me.  I believe He has placed many things on my heart, but need to continue to pray about them to be answered because they are big life changes.

    I know his will is what he tells us in the bible, correct?  And his perfect plan is for us to join him one day in heaven, correct?

  • I think my problem is I dont understand why she is doing this inspite of everything she knows.  Thats what drives me crazy.

  • That is not for you to figure out. You are depending on her for your comfort and love. But the problem is she can only ove as the world has taught her. Seek it Chirsts love and as you are molded through Christ your testimony will shine through to her and she will desire that love as well.

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