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Re: love brings unity Day 30.

love brings unity Day 30.

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  • So i read today's dare and i knew instantly what i needed to do to feel united. I went to church and prayed about it. Prayed how i would approch him and talk to him. Tried to make my self easy. After church we talked. I got him to volunteer at the church since I started to. After we went to our cars to exchange baby stuff and after getting the baby in my car and her things i took him aside and told him. "I know in the past we weren't united. That i did a lot of things to keep us separated, but i want to be open with you. I want to be able to share and be open with you in everyway and i hope you can do the same with me. I still have hope for us and i pray for you and us everday." And he said he could see that about me. that i'm more open about things like my password for stuff and my feelings. We hugged. A long hug. i love those long hugs. He went to his ggrandmothers and i went to my moms. I called his grandmother for her birthday. I texted him that i feel that God has led me to love him in a whole new way. and that i love him deeper every day. :) looking forward for tomorrow
  • This is one prayer you need to ask for the wisdom daily to understand those areas.

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