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Just started the dare..

Just started the dare..

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    I am currently on day four of the dare. I am hoping that this tears down walls I have placed in our marriage. My husband accepted the call to preach three years ago. The Lord changed his life drastically when he got saved 8 years ago. Dustin kept the call to preach from me for three years until he finally told me then we shared it with my pastor.. Two years later he dedicated his all to God...

    I believe this is when the devil really began battling me. Of course he does it by planting "seeds". We reject them for a while. Then over time our mind is bogged down with negative thought. I fed into all the lies, Dustin could do the ministry alone, I didn't love him, we were never suppose to be together. the end I shut Dustin out. We began "living" together doing Gods work or he did..I went along. I didnt' support my husband in prayer and fasting like I should have. It was "our" ministry not his. Anyway we separated last October. It has been an extremely extremely hard 9 months. Dustin finally came home in February but he is in a backslidden state. We are on completely different pages spiritually. He feels God left him and since he surrendered all he doesn't understand why he endured so much pain.

    Now we are living really different. He barely goes to church with me and its clear he is "running from God". I pray for him several times a day, and I'm trying to have the Faith that God will bring him back in...I'm trying everything with Gods help to save my marriage. I am hopeful that the Love Dare will open up areas to where we have shut each other out..Thanks so much for the time.

  • Duplicate.... I responded to the other one on day 4

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