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  • Hello Everyone,


    My case is the same as the movie,  my wife just left to her parents for 30 day already.


    She loves me a lot, and we had few conversation about us, she tells everyone including my parents and her parents that she love me so much, but she dont want the same life again, she still dont trust that I can change, but she claim seeing my change already.


    I will get the Dare book on few days, but for now I want to give her some time and I'm scared of that a least 2 weeks.


    Any one can help me with comments or what I should do? When I should Start the Dare?


    Thank you.





  • Start the Dare as soon as you get the book. Though you want your wife back, this is a journey between you and Christ, not you and your wife. Focus on putting him first in your life and allowing him to grow in you every day.

  • Well, go out and get the dare today. Don't wait. Make sure you get the 40 day not the devotional.

    When you get it. Read everything from the cover to day 1 (not day 1), and the entire appendix. Then, if it is early enough in the day, read day 1.

    The reason I say early enough in the day, is if she is not living there, this will give you ample time to complete the dare. And more importantly dwell on what the dare really means.

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