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Re: rd2 - day30 division

rd2 - day30 division

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  • Dare 30 is an obvious one for me…..  the division is the other man.  Ya know it makes me scratch my head, my wife is a good Christian, she studied the bible and talked the gospel.  And now here we are, her wanting to divorce???  Early in this journey I tried to point to scripture – she wanted nothing to do with it.  Her response was always “God knows my heart and I will be forgiven”.   I wrestled with trying to understand this for a long time – finally just had to leave it at the cross.  I’m still convinced that god does not want us separated, that’s why I still try to love/serve/honor  in good times and bad (and these are bad times, hard times).   And like this dare asks “pray about it, pray to know what is threatening oneness”.  I keep praying for this door to be closed and my wife and I to heal our marriage – if it is your will Lord.  And now I’ll add that he reveals anything left in my heart that is threatening oneness – and remove it!  

  • Jasper.

    First. She is right about she will be forgiven. If she repents for her sins. However, she is misled. If someone thinks for one second.... Well I am going to follow my heart and live in sin, because I know that I can just ask for forgiveness and it will be OK.

    It wont. You see, that is being in Gods grip, but living in the flesh. That will be corrected. And you will need to be the testimony for her.

    One thing I would like to point out to you. When you pray, you are praying for the door to be closed and your marriage to be healed. Then you pray "If it is your will".

    Pray for her salvation, and for her to get right with Christ. Leave your selfishness desire out of it. I do not mean that to sound so harsh. I am not saying do not pray for your marriage to be healed. But when you pray for Christs will, and yours at the same time, something is wrong there. Your will in life should be what Christs will is.

    You live your journey with focus on Christ. Leave her to Him...

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