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Day 30

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  • Chad,

    You are doing great in this journey. But let me point a few things out that are very important. Your journey is with Christ. She is a tool that is used in this journey.

    With that said. When you pray for her. Pray for Gods will in her life. And pray that He blesses you with the humbleness to accept it. The reason I say that, is you need to make sure your prayers are pure and not selfish.

    I am not saying that this is what you are saying, but it has even happened in my own journey. For example, when you pray for God to help you break down the walls, to provide the tools to effectively communicate and love her. And also asked God to work on her heart, to give her cause to reflect and decide your marriage and family are worth fighting for. That is a great prayer. But can you see where this may be a selfish prayer? One that you must question, how would you pray for her if you were divorced?

    Pray for her salvation. Pray for Gods will in her life. I am not saying your prayer is wrong. What I am saying is that we must pray from a pure heart. In the appendix is great guidance on prayer. Take a look.

    And your comment about being a moron. Well we all were. If we weren't we would never be in this position. But, asking and looking for a "sign" or "good response" is always a bad thing. Trust Christ to work on her while you grow in Him. Not asking is trusting Christ that He will do His work within her.

    And when you don't get the response you hope for, do not force ideas on her. Like reading the book. That is a manipulation. Worry about your journey with Christ at the moment. Your testimony will convict her through Christ more than any book will do....

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