Lilyan is my best friend. She got married last year to her boyfriend, Peter. They are on the verge of divorce now.

Lilyan says that her husband visits prostitutes and maintains sexual relationships with other ladies. She claims that he is a sex addict and forces her to do weird things during sex.

They have a one-month-old baby and she says that he doesn't care about the kid. One day, Peter had forgotten to logout of his secret email account. She came to know that he used to schedule hookups with escorts, exotic masseuses and women he found online.

When she questioned about this, he blamed her and told that her lack of sexual experimentation drove him to have sex with strangers. Besides rejecting her sexually, Peter showed little interest in their daughter.

She told that she needed a divorce. I spoke to Peter about this and he was very sad. He told that he is ready to return back to the normal life. I asked Lilyan to wait for a few more months before ending the relationship. But, she says that she has become mentally upset and require some sort of psychological treatment before starting to live with him again. I have heard about codependent therapy from a friend of mine in Vancouver. It specializes in the treatment of the loved ones of the addict. Can I recommend this treatment for her? What are your thoughts? Please share!