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Re: The Gift of Day 3

The Gift of Day 3

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  • My husband left abruptly almost 8 weeks ago. He has had multiple affairs and says he wants a divorce. I refuse to give up. I wish I had found this so much earlier in our marriage. I am not a bad wife, and I've stayed through the worst ups and downs, but I could have been a better wife. More patient, more kind, more understanding. However, my husband sleeps most nights in his truck because he has moved out. We live in the south but it has been unusually cold. I HATE that he is sleeping in his truck and I worry about him every night. My gift to him was a blanket to keep in his truck. The thought of him sleeping in his truck breaks my heart and somehow I'm hoping a soft warm blanket bought from the truest place in my heart will bring him some sort of comfort.

  • Welcome.  Realize this will be a journey , between you and Christ, not you and your husband.  He will be used as a tool to mold you.  do a dare a day, no more, no less. Do the dares as they are intended to be done without changing them to make them easier. Do not read ahead in the book other than the appendix, especially about leading the heart.  Have no expectations of him when you do the dares.  

    I understand you are concerned about him sleeping in the truck.  But,  he put himself in that uncomfortable situation and God can use that for  the good.  But yes, it is good you gave him the blanket.  

    All the areas you listed you fell short in being a wife (we all have done so, fallen short. Do not dwell on the shortcomings) will be addressed in the dares.  And if you do the dares the  best you can, you will see a huge change.  and  in time, he will too.  

    Don't worry that  you found the dares so late.....Realize God is never late in His timing.

    Try posting in The Love Dare Community section if you can find a way to do so.  More people read that section.   It's not the easiest thing to figure out.  I think the easiest way to find it is click on the  list of  dares on the top left, click on the  dare you are on.  And I think there's a drop down menu for The Love Dare Journal entry.  If you can't find it, please come back here.  

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