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Re: eye opening selfishness

eye opening selfishness

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  • I'm on day 3 of the love dare. My husband and I have had a rough start from the get go. we got pregnant while dating a few months in. we moved in with eachother. then after 4 years we just recently got married and after 3 months of being married he left. It has been 6 months now of living separate. since then we have been a roller coaster ride of being on and him showing signs of wanting to try again, then vanishes without any word. Money is an issue, partying for him is an issue, and the association he is around for his job in real estate has become an issue of bad influences and no truth from the word of God. I have plugged in hard with my church, my faith, and I've seen myself grow and I am still growing. I have lately come to a point of "this is getting way to hard" and not sure if I wanted to keep going. I don't have my family here but just his and they aren't the best influences and I'm taking care of our son all by myself since he has checked out. There have been times I wanted to give up and every single time God came rushing in and my husband would be on the I think I'm ready to get my stuff in line, but still nothing has stuck. So this past week as I was ready to throw in the towel I heard God tug on me saying give the love dare a try!!! So here I am....doing this. day 1 I went to his place with our son and kept any negative at bay and would try to be understanding (this one is an ongoing things I have realized). day 2 I knew he wasn't feeling good so at lunch I took him a care package of ramen noodles, disinfectant wipes, cough drops and a Gatorade. Today on day 3 I have read a few times thinking....I bought something yesterday and we really don't have much money to do things with. Still really thinking on the gift (cross necklace, a book, some work out gear, or a video game are the things I am thinking). I have gotten a really good lesson. I am soooo selfish! I have been sooo selfish. regarless how he is acting right now and yes it is selfish as well I have been too and still am! I prayed in tears asking forgiveness from God on my selfishness. I'm nervous about getting the gift but I want to see what this love dare will do bc I know it was God that was placing it in my mind and heart to do it.

  • Welcome..  As you see, you've been called to do the dares by God.  So, take this very seriously.

    Do a dare a day, no more, no less.  do the dares as they are intended to be done, without changing them to make them easier.  Do not read ahead in the book, other than the appendix, especially about leading the heart. You need to remember that section.  Do not have any expectations of him when doing the dares.  In fact it will probably get worse before better.  But do not worry. This will serve purpose.

    This will be a journey between you and Christ, not you and your husband.  He will be used as a tool to mold you.  All the changes you need to make will come through the dares.  Such as what you are seeing as far as how selfish you are.  that is taught by the world's ways.  We all suffer from it.  

    Do not give up, that would be giving up on what God has handed you.  plus you entered a covenant with God and your husband in the marriage. I don't think you want to tell God you are letting go of a promise to keep the covenant with Him.  

    Try copying and pasting your entry in a more popular area of the website.  you will get more responses there.

    Go to The Community tab. Click it and under that will appear The Love Dare Journal link.  This section is read so much more.  If you have trouble finding that area, please come back here.

    As for the gift.  Does he like gum?  By a pack of gum. Does he like a certain beverage. Buy a bottle or can of that?  It doesn't have to cost much.  A candy bar is fine if it fits in with what the dare calls for.

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