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Re: Daughter disappointed with bf's comment

Daughter disappointed with bf's comment

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  • Maxy and Alex met first met when they were about three months old. Maxy is my daughter and Alex is my best friend's son. They saw each other regularly during a few years. It clicked right away between those two, it’s like they were made for each other. They were often trying to get closer to the other (holding hands, hugging), even in the presence of other children. Alex told everyone that Maxy was his girlfriend. My daughter loves him a lot and she looks at his picture before going to bed.

    One day, Maxy told me that Alex teased her for having cavities in her teeth. This has made her sad and I can understand that from her face. I am in search of a clinic which provides family dentistry services in Oakville . I need to take an appointment next week itself. My daughter is three years now and it is her first dental visit. Is there anything to be noted in particular?

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