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Re: Struggling right now

Struggling right now

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  • I've failed my wife. She doesn't feel special, and I've messed up. 


    I I just don't understand right now, how... Treating me like crap. Being mean to me, short with me, hating me... Helps anything. She says she hates me. I get it. But as Christians , how can she justify being awful to me? I'm not asking her to be nice, but maybe don't say anything if you can't say something nice? I don't know. 


  • try reposting this.  Click the community link, then under the love dare journals post this.  This area of the website often isn't read.  Or maybe you have been posting in the other section.  I have been a way for a while and haven't read the journal section for a while.  Welcome to the community.  

    Keep doing the love dares, one day at a time.  For a period of time she will treat yoku horrifically like you are experiencing.  I've been there.  In fact, in may get worse before it gets better.  

    Do one dare a day and grow in Christ.  Leave the pain with Him to handle and leave her with Him also.  

    IN the book, read the section in the appendix about leading your heart.  

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