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Re: Had to do a substitute today... but it's good

Had to do a substitute today... but it's good

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  • An ongoing issue in our marriage was that J was mad that I didn’t make as much money as he does (he does pretty well financially) and my defense was to sarcastically make fun of the simplicity of his sales job (ok, again, I get it- God is working on me!)  So, instead of trying to buy him something and mail it to him, I prayed for guidance on the dare. I think God gave me a brilliant substitute for today.  I texted him good morning and told him I was proud of him for being so successful and for his clients really liking him so much and wished him a great day.  (After I hit send, it dawned on my how much a man's identity is tied into his in his career and ability to provide, so this compliment was probably worth more than anything I could have bought.)  J responded in kind and I told him that he makes me smile. I had really gone into this expecting him to call me bipolar and tell me to leave him alone, so I’m surprised at his positive response. 

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