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Re: Need advice!!!

Need advice!!!

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  • Me & my husband have been separated for three months after only being married a year. Our separation was a surprise & very devastating to me. We had some problems in our marriage but I thought they were small things.. Nothing that I thought a divorce should come from. I have issues with showing affection. I was raped and beaten by an ex and never realized how effected I was by it until I met my husband. After our separation he told me that I didn't show him the love and affection that he needed so it caused him to "stop loving me". Once I was told this, I immediately went to see a therapist and still am. I have & am still working through my issues. I did this to help save our marriage. He knows all that I've been through. He has issues as well. He was injured while serving our country over seas. He has severe PTSD. I have been with him since he came home and been with him through all of this. I want to save our marriage because I love him so much. I am a Christian but have turned from God but I am working on rebuilding my relationship with husband is adamant that it is over and there is nothing that can save our marriage and change his mind. He has began seeing another woman and it has crushed me. My friend recommended I do the love dare not just to save our marriage but to strengthen my relationship with God. I love my husband so much and pray our marriage can be saved. I am going to let God take control of him and our marriage while I take this journey. My concern is how do I do some of these dares? I am on day 3. Day 1 & 2 wasn't hard . I talk to him daily because we have a son together but he refuses to talk about me & him. I don't see him much either. Usually just one day a weekend when he comes to get our son. Day 3 I am suppose to buy him something but I don't know how to do that with me not seeing him. Do I buy it and give it to him later on or does that show I did not complete he dare fully for that day? He also refuses to do things with me.. I know some of the dares call for that so what do I do? I am also concerned he will not accept the gift I get.. Please help. Any advice would be amazing. Prayers would be greatly preciated also. Thanks!

  • Pray about how to do each dare.  Don;t worry about how your husband reacts to doing the dares.  It doesn't matter that he accepts the gift.  My wife just threw one of the her gifts against the wall, yet a few days later, she is talking a little to me again.  So just do the dares.  Each dare is designed in such a way for you to grow closer to Christ, so focus on that, not on how your husband reacts.  Don't focus on what your husband says about the marriage being over.  Seek comfort from Christ and make sure he comes first, way above your husband.  He will be there for you.  If you post in the journal section you will probably get more advice.

  • Did you post this in the journal section as well? I thought I respondd to this post

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