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  • Again I haven't heard from my husband.  What I did though was send him a text message, letting him know I loved and missed him.  I don't know if he received it or not.  That is out of my hands .  The only way I could think off expressing love to him, is not to hold a resentment against him for working away so much.  I worked it out that since starting the dares, we have seen him for 2 1/2 days over the last 29 days.  These dares are helping me to let go off it all.  I prayed again for loving him unconditionally.  Even after all the things that have happened over the years, I truly do love him still.  There are moments when it's harder, but all up he's the one in my heart.


    Question 1.

    How will this change of motivation affect your relationship and reactions?

    Seeing I couldn't talk to my hubby today, I called my Mum.  We don't always get on but I thought I'ld impliment this dare with her.  The call ended up quite pleasant.  She still spoke the way she normally does but for once I didn't take it on board.  I didn't react like usual, get upset or anything.  If anything I hopped off and prayed for her.  To answer this question I think my life will be a lot more peaceful especially if I'm not reacting.


    What does this inspire you to do?

    It inspires me to love others the way God wants us too.


    What does it inspire you to stop doing?

    Being judgemental of others as God loves them also and has a plan for them too.

  • Praise God!

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