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Day 29 - Love's Motivation

Day 29 - Love's Motivation

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  • I started the morning in prayer for my husband, just as I do every day.  When he came into the bedroom this morning to get ready for work, he was complaining of a headache, so while he was in the shower, I put a drink and some headache medicine on the counter.  Before he left for work, I told him that I loved him, just as I do every day.  I tell him every time we get off the phone and every time one of us walks out the door. 

    My husband and I sent messages throughout the day, and our daughter and I spent some time with friends.  When my husband came home, he was definitely in the mood to try to get a rise out of me.  I’m not very easily provoked as it is, but he just kept trying.  First he told me that he was really not interested in a story that I was telling, then I put the wrong spaghetti sauce on his left over spaghetti, then the house smelled bad because of the cereal that our daughter had accidentally spilled on the floor that morning.  This was all within an hour of him getting home.  I just got away by myself for a few minutes, prayed for a peaceful heart, and came back out to take it some more.  I’m up for the challenge!  I have changed so much, and I’m waiting for my husband to test that change.

    I went to counseling last night, and my husband kept our daughter up until I got back.  The two of them had some good cuddling time on the couch while I was gone.   I put her to bed, and then we watched a movie together and he told me a lot of the history on the movie and how it corresponded with the book.  He seemed pretty talkative by then, and the evening ended nicely.

  • Praise God. Your being content with his spilling venom is creating a more blessed environment.

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