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love's motivation. Day 29

love's motivation. Day 29

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  • So today I read the dare and i thought to myself ok i can do this. I've been praying for him everyday. So I got up and went into the living room and cried. I sat there in silence for some time and then started talking to God. When i was done i met him @ an audition for the baby. I'm trying to get her into modeling. :) so we meet there and was about to leave. I then said to him I have something for you. A month ago his sister had told me that she was having financial problems. And ever since then I had this urge to help her but i didn't know how. I didn't think his sister would accept money from me. So i even thought about sending it secretly, but i felt like it was so inpersonal. But then i got my opening. The day before he told me that she had asked him to borrow money and he was going to his moms today to give it to her. I just felt like that was God's way of telling me this is it. So today i told him that. And i gave him 300 dollars. I told him that he could split it between his brother and sister. His brother is unemployed and has a child. When i gave it to him he looked like he wanted to cry. I told him that his family is my family and i love them like they are my blood. He hugged me so hard after. I then looked at him and said i love you. If you need anything i'm here. And we went our separate ways. He went with the baby to his moms and i went to work. While at work he texted me and said that he appreciated the gesture and that his brother and sister were really happy that he almost cried. I've been thinking a lot lately about him and us. And I wonder a lot to myself when do i give up? When do i walk away and let him be alone? I love him so much, but at what point in my life do i stop? Is this weird to ask? I have to say Angel and i aren't married. So is it wrong to love him like my spouse? Just feeling a little lost.
  • Wow! What a great way to show "love is motivation" by showing that love to his family. To answer your questions at the end - You NEVER give up trying unless you feel God telling you to. Yes, you may question this "journey" at times, but don't you dare think that is Christ causing you to question it. God is never the author of confusion, but of peace. Just continue to lay this all at His feet. He will guide you every step of the way. As Sean would say - Be still and listen. ;) There is a reason patience was the first day of our journey. This journey encompasses it every single day.

  • Remember this is a journey between you and Christ. Christ chose you for this journey. And He wants to grow your rrelationship with Him. And angel will be a very important tool in this journey that Christ will use.

    In these situations. Take a minute and compare the dare and its interaction and outcome to your relationship with Christ. It will open many things about yourself and especially about your relationship with Christ.

    You have to love Christ first to truly love others better!

  • i'm not giving up I just hear so many people telling me to move on, but when do i do that?  What happens at the end of the 40 days and he's not there?  Believe me i feel at ease and such a great joy with the Lord.  Even if at the end of 40 days i will continue to seek and unddersstand.

  • They are of the world. They do not understand this journey you are on. You need to worry about what Christ wants you to do not the people who do not have Him in their hearts.

  • At the end of my first 40 days, I had feelings of question.  Give it to the Lord and pray on it.  He will let you know when you should "stop" or keep going.  My wife did not come back at the end of day 40.  Do not expect it will happen.

    Look at it this way, why wouldnt you do it for the rest of your life whether or not they come back?  Agape is unconditional, no matter what, no matter what you get, or what they do to you.  You have to choose NOT to love this way if you give up.

  • to add to jsond comment. And no matter what. The next opportunity you have to love, even with your husband or someone else the Lord blesses you with. It will be more than you can ever imagine.

  • i'm not planning on not doing this for the rest of my life.  I guess i just want to know when do i stop pursuing him.  jsond how long did it take?  sean for you how lond did it takE?

  • Not planning on doing what for the rest of your life? Being on a journey with Christ? Because that is what this dare is...

    This is not pursuing your husband. In all honesty it is pursuing Christ. Your husband is just a tool.

    Christ molds you each day more in His image. To show you how to love unconditionally, to expose your own selfishness and so much more.

    And one of the most important things... is humbleness.

  • If you read my post i said i don't plan on not doing this.  In other words I plan on doing this the rest of my life.  Following Christ.  Regardless of whether we get back together or not.  This is not about Angel.  This was about myself and my journey.  I don't plan on not continuing my journey and looking for ways to be better in God's eye.  

    So Sean how long did it take for your wife to realize that you had really changed and come back to you?  Just curious

  • Sorry about that. I even read it twice... LOL.

    It took her about 3 weeks to realize the change was real. But we did not get back together til the last days of my 40 days. Bur honestly, she was only back in physical form.

    Christ tested me for a couple months on being unconditional before it was even on the road to recovery.

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