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Re: Day 29 - Finding Motivation

Day 29 - Finding Motivation

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  • I am doing the Love Dare for my boyfriend. Some of the days I have had to alter things a bit since we do not live together but it is helping me become so much closer with God. I am in my late twenties and both he and I are ready to find a partner and start a life. When I met him, I was just getting out of a messy, two-year relationship. I didn't take time to evaluate my feelings or "find myself" again post breakup before dating my current man. For the first few months, I lied about stupid little things. I wanted him to see a version of myself that I thought was worthy of his love. 30 days ago I came clean with a bunch of my lies and he said that he couldn't trust me anymore.


    I have been doing the Love Dare and God has removed the curtains from my eyes and shown me my self-worth in Him. I am loving the journey but my partner is not ready to open up and trust me. I have proven that I am faithful and loyal to him, broken up or not, on many occasions recently. For example, I skipped my best friends bachelorette party at the beach. He will communicate with me multiple times a day, calls and texts. We spent the majority of this past weekend together. This morning he called and said he doesnt want to be physical at all anymore. No kissing or anything. Because he doesnt feel right doing that since we arent official. He has stated he loves me and always will, just that he doesnt know if he can move forward. He said he is bitter and felt unappreciated.

    I keep praying that God will soften his heart. I guess I just thought that by say 29, things would be better. I suppose that if nothing else, I have learned a lot about patience though this.



  • Pray for Gods will in his life. Not to soften his heart. That is a selfish prayer.

    Take some time and read in the appendix. Especially the section on leading the heart.

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