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Re: Day 69 - Love's Motivation

Day 69 - Love's Motivation

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  • I love how simple, yet powerful this dare is…. To just love your spouse.  What a difference it would have made if I had done this very dare every day throughout my marriage.  What a difference it will make as I do it every day from here on out!

    I prayed for my husband in the morning, just as I do every morning.  I messaged him a few times during the day to see how his day was going, and called him on my way home.  His phone was off when I called him after work, so I knew that he was still at work.  I tried again after I dropped our dog off at our house, and we talked for a few minutes.  Our daughter and I were going to get our hair cut, so I let him know that I would pick up dinner for us all afterwards. 

    Our daughter had chosen to cut her hair super short… she has been growing it out for over a year.  I sent him a picture as soon as it was done.  She and I picked up dinner and went home.  My husband was on the computer when we got home… said he was just playing a game, but I saw the message screen up on his computer.  I’m okay with it.  He shut down the computer when we got there, and we all sat in the living room and had a picnic while we watched TV for a bit. 

    My husband wasn’t in the mood for any conversation.  He played a game on his iPad while I played a game on my Kindle, and we talked just a bit when something interesting would come on TV.  He did, however, compliment my hair when we got home.  He liked the length. 

    I give praise for these quiet, simple days.  I strive to show love the way our daughter shows love.  She’s never concerned with who sees or hears.  The words “I love you” come out of her mouth more than any other words.  She always has a need to touch someone or kiss someone. 

  • But if you had been able to do that in the beginning, you would not have the testimony you have now.,

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