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Day 29 20120824

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  • I was unable to perform today's dare. For one, my wife seems to be getting irritated with it. Which leads me to number 2 I was scared she'd get mad. Its wired cause one minute we'll be talking like we are friends almost like were not in the middle of this and the next she dosent want anything to do with me.......oooohh, I just realized something. Thats how my relationship with Christ use to be. So I'll try to set this dare up for tomorrow. However, I have something else thats been bugging me, and I'm not sure how to deal with it. My wife gets dolled up and goesnout most nights till after midnight. Usually till 0430 the following morning on saturday nights. As some people have told me she puts on a good show at church. Am I encouraging her behavior by not saying anything to her? If Aaron our oldest son is spending the night with us, she wont act like this. But most nights he spends at his dads lately. But our youngest son is always home and most nights he wants to know where mommy is. How long do I let this go on for.

  • First... Never worry about how her reaction will be to a dare. This journey is between you and Christ. For you to trust Christ and do it His way. The success of the dare is not her response, it is you trusting Christ to do it as intended and you not manipulating the dare your way.

    Now a huge blessing here. You recognized something how you used to treat Christ... That is amazing to understand that and it is the most important thing in this journey. Because many things Christ will point out to you through your marriage.

    You must be right with Christ to love others as He loves you. So praise God in the highest.

    As for her going out, you need to let her know how her behavior is effecting you youngest. She is probably not going to care, but be nice, be loving and most certainly do not throw anything in her face.

  • " it as intended and you not manipulating the dare your way."

    What does this mean?

    What I ended up doing was buying her a gift card to the local sports outlet store cause she mentioned last night that she needed new clothes and shoes to workout.  On the gift card I wrote "Just because I love you" and left it on the kitchen counter for her.  

  • When my wife got home tonight around 2030 from a MaryKay meeting she had, she told me she ran into the son of somebody she went to highschool with and would be singing at the bar tonight.  Would I like to go?  Of course I responded.  She replied back that this was not a date and she was asking me just because.  (What is going on, this behavior is driving me crazy)

    On another note, after that conversation, because she was not home for most of the day (in and out), tonight I told her I loved her and that I got something just because.  She replied with I didnt have to do that.  And it makes her feel like shes taking advantage of me because its not going to change anything (i.e. shes still leaving me).

    I ended up staying home anyways cause I could not find someone to watch our son on such short notice.  Dont get me wrong, I want to spend time with my wife, but not really at the bar.  4 weeks ago I wouldn't of thought twice about it.  But now I think completly different.

  • Regardless of what happens and how I am treated I will always love and show love to her.  The love I have for her is unconditional.  God is my driving motivation to show unconditional love.  Pleasing God is my goal, not loving my wife.  Loving my wife is a means to achieve that goal.

    On another note, the love I have inside of me burns more than I've ever experienced in my life.  I feel like Im over flowing.  I want so badly to share this with my wife.  I've never felt so strongly about her.

  • Do the dares no matter what you think. Do them as intended without changing the meaning. Sometimes we come to a dare and we thing that if we do it, we will have rejection or cause an argument etc... But trust Christ that He opened the door for a reason. It may turn out as you thought, but the blessing that comes from it will be more than you can understand.

    When your wife says things like about not changing her mind. Leave those comments to Christ. Her worldly pride will force her to do that. However as you can see, Gods love within you is being seen, and now she has not only a conviction about things, but a conflicting thought. You testimony must continue to show her it is not fake!

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