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Re: time for change

time for change

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  • This changes my motivation in that I am doing it knowing that it is pleasing the Lord.

    I prayed for spouses needs and when I saw him, he brought up the issue of money again and I let him know that in spite of all that he does, i chooose to love him amy way.

    The expression of that love was to give him that money that he had asked for the other day.

    He declined to take it on this occasion but I left the money on the coffee table where it still is.

    He went out and smoked like a chimney.

    This inspires me to really go after the Lord with all my heart and to stop leaning on my own understanding.

  • Remember your understand is the worlds the fleshes understanding. It is what got us all here in the first place.

  • Sorry Sean, I didnt get the first part . can you say that again?

  • There is a difference in beliefs of the world and flesh than Chirsts way.

    The world and flesh teach us many things that are against what Christ wants. To hold back when we are not treated properly etc... Seek Chirsts way not the worlds.

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