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Re: Day 29 - Love's Motivation...

Day 29 - Love's Motivation...

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  • I did the Dare shortly after completing a weekly counseling session. I hae to leave Shelly a voice mail message as she won't answer my calls and is apparently on Vacation with him... In this message I told her that I love her unconditionally and that God each day that he has given me such a beautiful person to love in the way he loves us. I told her that God also loves her and said I would continue praying for her. This is the only contact I had with her today, as I feel that contacting her only pushes her further away. I am simply trying to do the Dares and nothing more with contacting her particularyl because he has been getting involved lately. I am praying that God will use his Holy Spirit to fill her heart with a conviction to return to the Lord, and if it's in his plan, to our family. I truly don't believe it is in God's plan for our family to part and that our children be raised in a broken home. I am struggling with the idea that she is most likely separating from me very soon. Again, I have turned to some strong christians who are helping me stay close to God, and showing me how I can let it go and leave her up to Him.

  • Way to complete the dares and that is it - getting out of His way leaving the rest up to Him. He moves mountains! A book I would highly recommend as you continue on this journey is The Power of a Praying Husband. It will help focus your prayers on your wife as well as bring you closer to Him and her. Just remember the enemy doesn't like what you are doing one bit, so continue to pray for His armor and keep all of your faith on Him. What God brought together let man NOT separate, so I am in complete agreement - it is not in His plan for your family to be apart. Healing is all in His timing though...that is the one of the toughest parts...waiting patiently.

  • Also be patient. Christ is molding you and preparing you. So lead your heart to Him daily.

  • Jenn, and Sean, thank you guys so much for your words. I did not initiate contact with Shelly today, and she texted me twice about our children before I responded. The second message having some irritation in it. I told her the kids were fine but missing her badly. I also told her that when our daughter prayed over dinner last evening, she asked God to touch her mommy's heart and show her that being with her family is the best thing to do. After this, I didn't contact her, and he didn't text me either. I have prayed a lot today, and read the first Chapter in John as well as another Chapter in Proverbs. I am starting a study session with a Christian brother on the John. Each day we're going to review a chapter and give our insights. Also, I begin christian counseling tomorrow with one of my pastors. This is in addition to my normal non-christian counseling, which my counselor happens to be a devot christian. I am seeking all the help I can get.

  • Praise God. Christian mentors... The non Christian counselor, how is that going?

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